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Pre-Settlement Cash Advance Overview

Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Cash Advance

Pre-settlement lawsuit cash advances by Legal Advance Funding are a type of lawsuit funding that is risk-free. You only have to pay back the advance if you win money from your lawsuit. This type of cash advance is called "non-recourse." It helps to protect you. The cash is provided to you in return for a promise to repay the advance after you win your lawsuit. Your lawsuit should be at least 4 months old with the likelihood that it will be resolved in no more than 36 months. And remember - your personal credit is irrelevant when getting a lawsuit advance. It is the strength of your case that is important.

"How Much of a Cash Advance Can I Get?"

Our pre-settlement funding can typically give a lawsuit client such as yourself 10 - 20% of your expected settlement or judgment. We provide you the money in return for a lien against your potential award. This lien follows any lien placed on the case for attorney or medical fees. By keeping the funded amount small, and by getting involved after a certain amount of time has passed, the actual cost to you is very small relative to your increased gain. There are no limitations on what you can use your cash advance for. It is your money. You can pay living expenses, medical expenses, pay tuition for you or child's school, start a business, or do whatever else that you need to take care of yourself and family.

How Pre-settlement Cash Advances Work

How To Get Your Lawsuit Cash Advance ASAP

An injured person, such as yourself, who needs a lawsuit cash advance contacts us, sometimes at the suggestion of their attorney. After receiving permission from you, the client, we contact the attorney handling the case to obtain information about the lawsuit. Based on this information, we estimate the cash value of the case and offer a lawsuit cash advance to the plaintiff (you) based upon that estimate. The fee for the advance may be a flat fee or a monthly percentage fee that accrues each month. The fee is paid after the case settles, or if the client wins a judgment. The work of getting your cash advance is done by us and your attorney, there is little that you need to do to get your cash. The application process only takes a few minutes.

If You Don't Win Your Lawsuit, You Don't Pay!

Again, these cash advances are non-recourse, which means that you, the plaintiff, has no obligation to repay the cash advance if the lawsuit is lost. The amount of cash advanced varies, depending upon the nature of the case, insurance company involved, how long the case has been active, and the expected settlement date. It’s that simple! Getting a lawsuit cash advance quote from us is free and carries no-obligation!

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