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HOW do lawsuit cash advances work?
Getting cash BEFORE your case settles or resolves by trial is fast and simple with Legal Advance Funding. Our lawsuit cash advance is contingent upon the expected settlement or judgment of each individual case. There are no monthly fees required and we get repaid only upon settlement or judgment. In the unexpected event that your case does not resolve favorably, you are no longer responsible for the repayment of the cash advance. Legal Advance Funding assumes the risk. In other words: We get paid only if you win your lawsuit.

WHO should use our lawsuit cash advance service?
Anyone who is legitimately pursuing a qualified lawsuit and needs pre-settlement money to help pay bills is qualified to apply for our lawsuit cash advance.  Although most of our clients are personal injury cases, we have dealt with a variety of clients and cases including: wrongful death, medical malpractice, sexual harassment, employment discrimination, breach of contract, wrongful termination, product liability, and countless other worthwhile cases.

WHY should I use your lawsuit cash advance service?
Legal Advance Funding clients value the service provided to them . We are able to put cash in a plaintiff's pocket quickly. This legal investment in your case from us allows you, the plaintiff, to remain in a case longer in order to pursue a larger settlement and get the money you deserve. It could also help to pay unexpected living expenses. Simply put, a lawsuit cash advance from Legal Advance Funding provides financial relief . . . and financial relief provides options. We are proud to be in the business of helping people.

WHEN do I get the cash?
The cash advance application process is simple. A form will be faxed to you and a separate form faxed to your attorney. Both forms will need to be completed, signed, and faxed back to us. We will also need some additional documents from your attorney in order to begin the approval process. Once we have all the required documents, the review of your case generally will take between 24 to 48 hours. Once approved, an advance  check will be sent to you via overnight mail. Or, we can wire your money directly into your account.

HOW much cash can I get?
Our lawsuit cash advances begin at $2500 and go up to $500,000, although most of our advances are usually under $20,000. Your needs and potential value of the case determine the amount advanced. Each case is reviewed on its own merits, though we generally advance money to clients only where liability is clear and coverage is sufficient.

WHAT do I do to get an advance?
Give us a call today! We always welcome your inquiries! We would be happy to confidentially discuss your situation and answer any and all questions you might have about getting a lawsuit cash advance.  A brief phone call is generally enough to acquaint us with the relevant aspects of your lawsuit. At that time, we can determine whether your case meets our initial guidelines. We then immediately begin work on how we might best meet your needs. It's that simple! Call us today and your cash will soon be on the way!!!

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